Welcome to the Online Application for Cross Credit

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A. This online cross credit application is for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) only. For any enquiries/ questions or issues, please write to: crosscredit@fnu.ac.fj .

B. In order to process Transfer of Credits an application is required. Please get an Online Password from ICT helpdesk prior to completing the application.

C. A new application is to be filled for each programme.

  • Students to seek academic advice/counselling regarding units that can be cross credited from their respective Colleges before registering for the unit.
  • Any student applying for cross‐credit should apply before the resumption of his/her studies. The University will not take responsibility if students have applied for cross‐credit after enrolling in courses and not withdrawing on time.

D. Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC) – Students who wish to have relevant work experience or training considered for credits should apply manually using form SAS 20. A fee of $100 is applicable for RCC only.
Please find attached form SAS 20.


  • Applicant must attach certified copies of unit descriptions and transcripts from which cross credits are sought (If these were done in another institution).
  • Applicant must be enrolled in the programme to which cross credit(s) is/are being applied
  • Applications for Cross Credit should be made at the beginning of the term or when the programme is changed. It is advisable that the Cross Credit Application be made before the Mid Term Break to allow the College to process and return it to the Academic Office.
  • All sections of the Online Form must be fully completed.
  • The application processing time is approximately 5 weeks and may take longer if documents are not completed
  • Courses which are cross credited will be reflected in the Transcript.
  • The application for Cross Credit shall be processed by the college according to the Cross Credit Policy.
  • Failure to follow the instructions would deem this application incomplete and the form will not be processed.