Pursuant to Human Resources Policy No. 37, all employees of the University who engage in good faith disclosure of alleged wrongful conduct needs to be protected. The Policy further defines wrongful conduct as a violation of University policy and applicable laws of Republic of Fiji as well as the use of University property, resources and authority for personal gain. This medium encourages employees to disclose serious breaches of conduct, protects employees from reprisal by adverse employment action as a result of having disclosed wrongful conduct and provides individuals who believe they have been subjected to reprisal, a fair process to seek relief from retaliatory acts.

    Anonymous complaints received which can be easily ascertained by the University to be true shall be regarded as a bona fide disclosure of an irregularity that the University must act on. Where anonymous complaints are received which cannot be subject to verification on a prompt check, and/or confirmation without further information from the complainant, shall be disregarded. Furthermore, any employee raising a malicious complaint using the whistleblower provision shall be deemed to have committed a gross misconduct.

    All bona fide complaints will be investigated by the Risk Management & Compliance Office in consultation with the Internal Audit Department and the outcome will be reported to the Vice Chancellor. If the whistleblower is not satisfied in the manner in which the concern raised had been handled, he/she has the right of appeal to the Vice Chancellor. An appeal may be considered if:

  • he/she believes the procedures have not been followed properly, or
  • there is evidence of prejudice or bias
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